Monday, February 25, 2008

Bluegrass Kitchen Redux - Saturday Brunch

Deep Fried Catfish with Poached Eggs and Fried Green Tomatoes with Lime-Caper Vinaigrette

You really do need to go to the Bluegrass Kitchen for a brunch some weekend. Herb will be there working on Sunday. That's "current couch-surfing apartment not renovated yet roomie extraordinaire" for those who don't know. Look for the handlebar mustache.

No, I'm not joking.

When Herb and I walked in we set our stuff down on our usual table. Herb walked back to the specials board to see what was good that day. I caught up with him when it looked like his eyes were halfway down the board. I told him to stop reading.

"Herb, the first words on the board are 'deep' and 'fried;' why are you still reading?"

'Nuff said.

Jay, in the kitchen, is a rock star. C'mon, Lime-Caper Vinaigrette? Mmmmmmm.

Sue makes the biscuits. And she makes them well. They are just crispy enough on the outside and pillowy biscuit luscious on the inside. Gravy sops well. So do the perfectly poached eggs.

And let me say that again, because so many restaurants cannot get this right.

The Bluegrass Kitchen poaches eggs PERFECTLY.

J and K own a wonderful little restaurant on the East End. And they work their tails off to make sure it's a wonderful spot for folks who enjoy good organic, locally produced food at reasonable prices. That plate you see was definitely under $10, and I can't recall for sure, but it may have been $8.


Melissa said...

YUH-HUM! Oh, how I miss Bluegrass brunches!

Unknown said...

Honestly, between the bourbon and bacon post and the brunch post (I love a perfectly poached egg) I'm going to need a new lap top from the accidental salivating on the current's keyboard!

michael, claudia and sierra said...

everything is better with a poached egg on top.

that really does sound FABULOUS although i am not a catfish lover, but fried? well i'll eat anything fried. almost...

redneck muppet said...

oh, yes. fried. crispy delicious batter. flaky, tender mild catfish flavor. yum!

Melissa said...

So bummed you wont be in town this weekend. I'm coming in for TTHBK's b-day and scheduled a bluegrass brunch on Saturday, which became a trip ESSENTIAL after reading this post.

redneck muppet said...

yeah, i'm bummed too. imagine how badass the blog about dinner at fazio's would be!

guess you'll have to do that one!!!