Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Music With Which To Cook

Here's a fairly large sample of the music I was listening to last year while cooking. There are 98 tracks from 98 artists in this iMix. Alpha by artist name, though if you want some of the super-favs, feel free to ask. I have to warn you though, I might just send you a list of 98 tracks with #1 beside all of them. This iMix was whittled down from 194 tracks in a series of mixes I made this year (and that's only single tracks, not the rest of the albums I may also have picked up). You should also go and see other tracks, other albums, other artists from the same town and find more good music with which to cook.

Most but not all of the tracks are from 2007. In addition to getting back into cooking with a fury, I got back to learning about and listening to new music. It will be too loud, to eclectic, to sad-sap, and too 'what was that crap' for some folks. Not to worry, just an insight into the tunes I was enjoying; I'm not trying to proselytize too much here.

That bit about 'getting back into' is important to me this new year. I think, perhaps, that it's important to have hobbies, to have 'things' you do with your time that are fun for you and you alone. If you can share them, so much the better. But there's some part of the cooking and the music that's just for me too.

...and now back to the New Year's Day brunch cooking with this playing in the background to remind and inspire...

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