Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I'm Shrinking

Or rather, I will be. I checked out several reviews, good and bad, went to Sears and Dick's Sporting Goods and tested out several models, and then pulled the trigger on a living room reminder that eating what I want has consequences, and adding 20 minutes of movement to my schedule everyday is not that difficult.

Not a food blog topic? Fah, I say. I want to be able to make this, these, and even this. Because of my desire to feed my taste buds and my tongue, I will also spend a few dollars a month this year to pay off my new toy.

And as you can clearly see here, I was able to remember that pictures were important only after steak fries and half a grilled cheese with bacon were a memory. A salty, fried memory.

And that's not ketchup. Ketchup is good. Wing sauce it better. Really. Trust me. I know things.

So it's very important to me that I eat really good things that make taste buds happy (ummm, can you see that gooey cheese?) and get my lazy, soon to be shrinking butt, out of bed early to stretch and elipt.


michael, claudia and sierra said...

totally a food blog post
totally necessary
totally cool

just do it!!!

i am applauding youuuuuu

redneck muppet said...

ty. i think paying the extra $100 for delivery AND assembly was the key. if they set it up, i'll have to use it, right?

Mia said...

i feel that this was a total food blog entry! and i too applaud your efforts. i will be treading right along with you my dear! cause i too want to keep my taste buds happy...they might revolt if i don't

sara said...

Throw in some bleu cheese dressing for the fries and I think you have my favorite Sam's meal. Oh processed cheese and bacon, I'll miss you most of all.

redneck muppet said...

I have even moved furniture already to get the living room in shape too. Overall health of the apartment is important to me.

As for blue cheese. Blech. I hereby bequeath all my worldly stinky cheese alotment to you in perpetuity (but you'll have to share with all the other people to whom I've bestowed stinky-cheese-ness).

sara said...

I had some bacon wrapped stinky cheesiness a few weeks ago that was pure heaven. And I'm not even sure I believe in heaven; it was just that good. I'm going vegan again for a few weeks. Detoxing from meat and cheese, it ain't gonna be pretty. Neither will my appearance at any parties where meat and/or cheese are plain sight for the next couple of days.

redneck muppet said...

yeah, i'm not willing to detox like that. i'm down with the eating it all in moderation (with some stretching of the meaning of moderation) diet.