Friday, December 7, 2007

Hot, Hot, Heat - The Dinner

Band's good too.

Ubiquity, stuff shot is your name.

There was, I realized, a subtle Christmas theme to this meal. Here, see the first evidence.

So, you take half that red onion and jalapeno and saute it like this.

While that's going, put the other half of the diced onion in the food processor with the spices and a dash of water.

Make pulp, not fiction.

Add it to the saute with another 1/4 cup of water to get all the pulp out of the processor.

Let that go until almost all of the liquid has evaporated.

Now's a good time to chop the cauliflower.

Add 1/2 cup more water to the pan, scrape anything off the bottom. Add the cauliflower, stir, cover, leave.

Stir a few times over the next 30 or so minutes until you have this.

Then add in Christmas Recipe Hint #2

Heat that through until you have this.

Oh. That other stuff on the plate?

What's that?

You didn't see that in the stuff?

Hah! You're clever.

It started like this.

It's one tub o' plain yoghurt, 5 small minced garlic cloves, about 4 T minced mint, the juice from two fatty lemons, salt, and pepper.

Stir that up and let it sit in the fridge for 30 minutes or more.

It's good right when you make it.

It's the bee's knees when you make it first, fridge it, and wait...


I added a few dashes of water to the cauliflower as it cooked. Looked to be getting dry. It was, but I was probably a 1/4 cup too heavy. It's not a crisis, but I'd use a slotted spoon next time if I thought there was still excess liquid in the pot.

I'll cut the cauliflower florets larger next time as well. I cut it to slightly larger than bite-sized and didn't account for the full 'fall-apartness' of the cauliflower. Not a crisis, but a correction for next time.

I seeded and removed the membrane from half of the jalapeno. I may leave it all in next time. The heat from the pepper was very mild in the finished dish.

Watch out when you take the lid off the processor/blender to pour the pulp into the saute pan. Dear, sweet, everloving onion wafting in the eye. Fantastic smell...from the other side of the room. Powerful stuff, my cooking.

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