Monday, December 17, 2007

Family Ties

I'm not a baker. You all have heard that before.

You know there's one exception, the bacon-cheddar-jalapeno-goodness that is my cornbread.

But that a non-yeast, VERY forgiving recipe. If you're off, you can add a pinch of this, a drip of that, and it's fine. No worries.

The other thing I bake, and which I will bake tonight and for several more nights this week, is a family tradition.

And really, that's why I bake it.

My grandmother baked it.

My mom baked it when I was growing up

Last year, I decided to bake it myself.

I, it seems, can bake a little bit after all.

Here's the recipe card mom made for me years ago.

I'll have the whole recipe and step by step later tonight after dinner.

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