Thursday, November 8, 2007

We Are Family

Or at least community. Don't have a foodie story at the moment, but a foodie suggestion. If you can do something locally for the holidays, do that.

Maybe you can do that and this. Since we're done with Halloween and have started holiday shopping (yes, that was the sound of me gagging over your fiber-optic line), check out Community Coffee for the gift-giving season.

I am a coffee junkie, and will post more on that later I'm sure. But to get the ball rolling, go get some of this coffee. My roommate L turned me on to these guys in 2003. I'd never had true New Orleans-style chicory coffee.

Let's just point out the first review right now of this chicory/coffee goodness at Community Coffee reads:

This is the best coffee in the world. If you have't tried it, you should. I buy it by the case.

Trust me here. If you have an addictive personality, and don't think family or friends could handle yet another food vice...stay away from this post.

Whether you're clicking through or not, lemme ax you somethin'. If you're inclined to comment (or e-mail me), please let me know where you food shop on the inter-web tubes.

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