Wednesday, November 21, 2007

So, Political Capital of the East, huh?

Meet the best cure for a hangover in Manchester, NH. Or at least the best one I found within walking distance of the downtown Radisson.

Steak tips, medium rare. Hash browns with onions and melted cheese on top. Two poached eggs (well, you can see where they 'were'). Rye Toast.

Sorry, I needed the food more than I needed the picture of the food before I ate it.

Lot's of pols and other random famous people eat here. I sat at an appropriate former visitor's spot, don't you think?

He featured it on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives in the 'House Specials' Episode. My guess would be (since I can't remember watching that episode) that he featured their Pork Pie.

Stop. Don't run away. Think about it...

Ground pork (sausage, people, sausage) in a pie crust, covered in gravy.

Dear, sweet, ever-loving, porcine god of food, thank you for letting me be in the presence of this pie.

Side Note to Induce Snickering

We were stuffed after eating. We were also still wobbly. K wanted to try their signature brownie cream pie, so he bought a slice. Tragically, we had received the e-mail that check-out was not at noon, as we had assumed, but was instead at 11. So we trot back to the room and pack up to get ready for the last meeting before heading home.

Who forgot their slice of pie-liciousness in the room?

Yup, that guy.

I'm almost glad I didn't get a piece of pie to forget too.

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