Monday, November 5, 2007

Joe Esposito Sang it Best

You're the best around,
Nothing's gonna ever keep you down.....

So my bandana was the classic red truck-stop bandana, and Dave handed me my trophy, not Greco. And no he didn't sweep the leg. Really I'm just looking to add a little more cheese to this life, and YouTubing a Karate Kid montage for the analogy was just priceless.

The final score was 263-258, and each of us had a perfect score on one dish.

post mortem

I'll get Greco's recipes and post them too.

Chez's mom was the rockstar who provided the trophies. One for the winner and one for the winner of second.

1st Prize was this with a hook.
2nd Prize was this magnet-style for the fridge.