Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What's for Dinner

Okay, intellectual (or at least gastronomical) laziness taking over here. And I reserve the right to ignore the vote if i really don't like it. But, I'm placing links for several meat loaf recipes below. I'm making one of them tonight. Let me know which one looks best to you. If you want to pick one and add to it, or tell me to combine a couple things from several, that's cool too.

1 - Emeril Lagasse - Closest to mine, but glazed instead of bacon-wrapped.

2 - Guy Fieri - Guy is coming very close to 'favorite' food network dude for me. That might be due to his hosting this and giving the world this. Here we have cornbread-stuffed meatloaf.

3 - Tyler Florence - Tyler makes good food. I have learned to trust him. But this meatloaf doesn't really speak to me. Uber-simple recipe for loaf, bit-o-fancy for the topping.

4 - Alton Brown - I love this recipe. Everything he said it would do in the episode, it did. Veg kept it all moist, cook time and temps got it done quickly, the technique for molding and baking makes for nice crusty goodness.

5 - Cooking Light - Light and Italian-y. So I'm not shy about linking Cooking Light. They usually make good tasting recipes.

Last time I made the loaf, it was close to Alton Brown's. I made a channel and stuffed it with cheese (string cheese, you heard me. it's what i had), and wrapped the thing in bacon to finish. No tomato glaze.

Which one should I make?

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